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Our Special Education Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDco) is Mrs Natalie Horlor. 

If you have any questions about SEND please contact Mrs MaGill on:  

At Ankermoor Primary Academy we celebrate the fact the every child is unique and therefore has different learning needs. Each classroom caters for every child's specific learning needs. All staff have had up-to-date training, they understand that pupils need to learn in different ways and will adapt their teaching practices to ensure that all children reach their highest expectations. If your child has Special Educational Needs and/or a Disability, they will access provision which is additional to or different from the whole class offer. 

We pride ourselves on creating inclusive classrooms and our styles of teaching allow all children to flourish whilst at Ankermoor Primary Academy.

We have regular meetings with parents of children with SEND, through our SEND parents forum - this is a time when parents can lead areas of change or request support and ideas to help their children within the four broad areas of SEND. Our aim is that, as our SEND Parents' Forum develops, parents will take the lead on what they want more information on and support with.

The four broad areas of SEND are:

Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Cognition and Learning

Interaction and Communication

Physical and or Sensory 

If you think that your child may have additional needs or are seeing behaviours at home which are not seen at school - please speak to your child's class teacher first. They are the person who knows your child the best, in school. They will seek support from our SEND team, as needed and will be able to support your child with any adaptations which need to be made in the classroom. You can also request support directly from the SENDCo, by completing a Parental Concern Form and returning it to

Some children display different needs/behaviours inside of school and, at home, staff are trained to know this and will support you in strategies which can be used both at home and at school. When we work together, we achieve more for our children. Our relationship is paramount to supporting your child. We pride ourselves on our approachability. 

The most successful plans to support your child are driven by your child. They are the most important person in all decisions made about them. We will always aim to take your child's views and ideas into account when arranging support for them. You and your child will be invited to regular meetings with their class teacher to plan and review their unique learning plan. This plan will be put together using both formal and informal assessments and teachers will seek support from our SEND experts when devising support. At any time, you can request that one of our 'Inclusion' team is present to support you in this meeting with the class teacher.

Our belief in being an inclusive environment.

At Ankermoor Primary Academy, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive school. All of our children will be given the opportunity to exceed their expectations. We believe that our children should be at the heart of every decision we make.


'The Fierté Trust are proud that all our academies are inclusive, meeting the needs of all pupils within the localities they serve. 

Our values of We are brave, We care, We celebrate individuality, and We leave no one behind are realised through our commitment to all children, whatever their additional requirements.  

We recognise that this can create frustrations for parents and carers at times when adjustments are made for individuals that may seem unfair. 

Such adaptations are entirely in line with our duties under the Equality Act and enhance the experience of all children preparing them to be empathetic and responsible citizens of the future. 

Whilst completely committed to inclusive practices, where we are unable to provide a suitable environment or where the physical safety of pupils or staff is repeatedly compromised, we seek to work with parents and agencies to find suitable alternatives.  This is extremely rare and would very much be a last resort. 

We would like to thank staff, children, parents and carers across the Trust for sharing our values and ensuring that all are welcomed and feel a genuine sense of belonging.' - Maria Hamblin CEO

DfE guidance for parents.

The Department for Education offers parents' guidance and this document can be found below:


DfE SEND - A Guide for Parents and Carers

Ankermoor Primary Academy - SEN information report

Please click on the link below to find Ankermoor's SEN Information Report. Here you will find out more information about how Ankermoor supports pupils with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities, as well as how you as a parent can support your child at home and at school.